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Church Leader Support

RCOF provides financial support to pastors and church leaders, for their travels and vehicle maintenance, as they evangelize and carry out the foundation’s outreach activities throughout the year.

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Church Building Projects

RCOF provides funds to help remodel existing church buildings, renovate old buildings for new or expanding congregations, and build churches as new construction. Also, the foundation assists churches in furnishing the church with the basics – chairs, heat supply, bathrooms, carpets, fences, etc.

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Orphanage Support

RCOF helps supports the House of Joy orphanage in Romania. This family oriented orphan care facility has 10 children in residence. Through out the year, the foundation provides financial support for food, medical, housing, clothing for the children and employees of House of Joy.

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After School Program

The church in Hateg, Romania has an after school program for local students. Lunch is provided along with assistance or tutoring in their studies. Due to the economic strain in Romania, many families struggle to provide basic needs for their children, like food. The After School Program targets basics needs while boosting the education for their children.

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Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread helps feed those who do not have money to feed their families. RCOF has previously bought a male and female goat for several families. The goats provide them with milk for cooking and baking. Also, goat milk is used to make goat cheese which is very popular and common throughout Romania. The added bonus is that the goats will reproduce, increasing the sustaining potential for even more families.

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  • Romanian Dinner Concert

    We have decided to have The Sound at the Romanian Dinner Concert on Monday August 23, 2021 at 6:15 at Yoder’s Banquet Facility in New Holland. Individual tickets can be purchased at http://www.itickets.com/events/452968.html If interested in sponsoring a table call Carol Lehman (717) 278-9112 or Denise Zimmerman (717) 371-0505 or at niecyjoy@yahoo.com $1,000.00 for a […]

  • Thank you – w/video update

    Thank you to the everyone that came to the Romanian Breakfast. This year with Covid fundraising has been a challenge. We were able to raise $10,200.00 to help with the ministry in Romania. May you be blessed for helping the God’s work in Romania. Here are some videos with some update from Romanian Christian Outreach […]

  • Romanian Breakfast Banquet

    SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7TH Yoder’s Banquet Facilities Enjoy a Breakfast Buffet  between 8 a.m.-9 a.m.  Following the meal, we will be having a video presentation, and a small auction.  Sponsor a Round Table of 6 for $200 If interested in coming to the banquet or would like to sponsor a table of 6 at the banquet […]

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