My visit to Romania, though short, remains a blessed experience and memory. Mircea and Elenna are among my heroes.

— Don Jacobs

When I go to Romania I am always reminded of how much we have, how blessed we are with material things, how much we are able to help meet some of the needs in Romania… but on the flip side, I’ve been blessed by the Romanian people with their great hospitality, sometimes in the midst of poverty, and their zeal for the Lord.

— Cliff Snader

Not only is Romania a land of fantastic beauty and a unique history but it is a land where Jesus Christ is being lifted in word and deed by a church whose roots were so deep that the Communist era that tried to strangle the church [but] failed.

— Don Jacobs

House of Joy is like no orphanage I have ever seen. The staff is addressing not just the physical necessities of the children, but working hard to help them grow spiritually and emotionally so that they can have a great chance at a healthy life. When the children at the House of Joy reach an age when it’s time to leave, they won’t just have been taken care of but they will have been nourished and parented in preparation for the challenges of life.

— Scott Messner

Want to get a sense of the deeply spiritual fervor in the body of Christ shaped by a culture of non-affluence. Go to Romania. Preach to spiritually hungry folk not far removed from the restraints of political tyranny. Eat with believers who give their best out of their poverty, just because they love you. Work with those in building churches that do things differently, yet get the job done efficiently and beautifully.

— Pastor Leon Shirk

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