House of Joy

House of Joy building

House of Joy building

The House of Joy is a family oriented orphan care facility with nine children in residence. Through out the year, RCOF provides financial support for food, medical, housing, clothing for the children and employees of House of Joy.


Meet the Children



She is living with Mircea and Elena and attends a school in Hateg. She is very good and listens. She has a lot of friends in school and sometimes they come over to hang out. We help her teachers with extra school because she has a hard time understanding math and physics. She comes with us to church and has friends in Sunday school. She likes to listen to music.



He is in 1st grade, with his twin sister Briana and Melisa. We are very amazed by his change. He could be very difficult at times in the past but now he is a very good boy and listens to us. He is very smart in school and likes to play games on their new Wii Nintendo. He often wins against the big boys! He loves candy and soda.



She is in 1st grade. She likes to take good care of her hair and admire herself in the mirror. She loves dressing pretty and has very good care of her clothes and room. She helps cleaning the room and the stairs. She is very lovable and affectionate.

Everyone wants to adopt Briana and Ionel but they are not adoptable yet.



He is already in 7th grade with his friend Samuel (Neli’s son). His great wish now is to own a mobile telephone and talk with his friends from school. He loves helping out in the kitchen and learning to cook. He enjoys playing games that stimulate his intellect, that require critical thinking and brain muscles.



He is now in 8th grade, prepping for the exam that’s waiting him in June. We have him studying hard in order to get great marks and attend a better high school. Maybe he will come in Hateg for high school and he can visit us more. He’s a teenager now and sometimes it is challenging. We keep him busy around the house when he finishes with homework and pay him a small amount of money to read books or do different task in order to motivate him.



Vio and Vasi’s little sister, Ema is very active, sometimes acting like a boy. She loves gymnastics and does a lot of physical exercise. Because she’s got good grades in math class her teacher proposed her for a math contest in our area. She also enjoys helping Neli and the other in the kitchen.



She is in 5th grade, with her twin brother, Sergiu.  She enjoys being in the center of attention and win every time in games and activities. Her determination helps her get things done in time and takes a lead in school in her classes. She doesn’t like working too much but instead likes to read very much and we reward her with each book she finishes. She also has a very good reading memory. She can remember everything she reads. This helps her in school too.



He is very fast in everything he does, sometimes losing his patience and is excited about everything. He is eager to try new things and play with his friends outside. He always prefers outdoor games and is a very good soccer goalie. He now started a guitar course with one of our friends from church. He likes to eat all kinds of meat and can’t stand salad. This is no good. He is starting to put on some considerable weight!



Sergiu and Roxana’s little sister, Anca is already in 3d grade. She likes to eat and she is already gaining some weight! She is very affectionate and lovable. She doesn’t have very good care of her personal things.



She is in 1st grade with Briana and Ionel; most of the times she is better than them because she is very hard working. She doesn’t like to take care of her things and help with work. She trips a lot and has bruises on her feet and hands all the time. She is a very active girl!

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